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Photo Booth                        Ferris Wheel

Candy Cart                           Starlit Dance Floor

Ferrero Rocher Stand          Up-Lighting

UV Lighting                          4Ft LOVE Letters

Karaoke                                Marryoke

Any ‘extra’ can be added to any party package, whether its for a Wedding or Birthday, whatever the occasion, if you want ‘that extra’ then that you shall have!

Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great addition for any party, wedding or corporate event and are available for hire across the whole of the South Wales area, We don’t charge any extra for travel. Our Photo booth will inject fun and excitement for your guests whilst capturing fun pictures and video messages for you to look back on for years to come. We also have a custom wedding themed skin for your ‘Special Day’.

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4Ft LOVE Letters


Our unique and stylish LOVE Letters come in 2 different styles, White or Rustic & can be used for photo opportunities and wedding decor with a difference. Our 4ft light up letters will add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Lighting is such a big player in creating a beautiful atmospheric wedding. If you can do one thing while planning your dream day spend at least 5 minutes thinking about how lighting can affect your photos and the overall feel of the day particularly the evening. Light up letters are a key part of your wedding decor. Of course we are biased to our own products but we think the more lights the better, the bigger the better! Light up letters are the future of all weddings in our opinion! If you are going to say it say it big and light it up!

Our White letters are multicoloured so can be any colour you like, our rustic letters have warm white bulbs giving you that rustic look.

Photo 20-07-2017, 09 14 55.jpg
Photo 11-10-2018, 18 13 14.jpg

White Starlit Dance Floor


For Brides and Grooms looking to add the romantic, fairy tale feel they exude. White starlit dance floors have a stunning impact on any room and compliments the immaculate white theme which many weddings tend to implement.

Our dedication to providing superb looking white starlit dance floors goes as far as us testing each panel when it is returned from hire to ensure that it is in full working order and has all of the LED’s in full working order. Our warehouse team even polish the edging!

Each white starlit dance floor panel contains 24 LEDs, which twinkle throughout your event and provide you with a stunning, majestic-looking focal point for the evening’s entertainment.

The speed and brightness at which the white starlit dance floor LEDs twinkle and shimmer can be changed with a dedicated controller – there are 6 speeds which you can choose, as well as all on and all off.

In addition the white starlit dance floors are load bearing, water resistant, made from non-slip acrylic plastic and have a low profile so your guests will have no difficulty getting on and off it, while our special locking system ensures that the panels cannot come loose during your event.

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Candy Cart


Our Candy Cart hire includes an elegantly decorated Victorian style hand cart which can be personalised to match your event's theme or colour. There will be a beautiful display of candy striped paper bags, traditional sweetie jars and stunning glassware filled to the brim with delicious, colourful, mouth-watering sweets! Prices will vary, depending on how many guests you’d like us to cater for.

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Wedding Package Deals

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